Marketing On The Internet – How To Improve Website Traffic To Make Online Money

November 1st, 2016 by admin

You have built a website and you have tweaked and re-tweaked it, but is anyone visiting it? We all know you can have the best website on the Internet but if no one knows about it, very little will happen. If your keyword search has been successful and your website name and content is keyword rich, and you content is original, you will get some traffic from the search engines, as they will pick up on that. But you cannot depend entirely on that if you want to make online money. Here are some actions you can take to improve website traffic.

Visit Forums

Look for the top two or three forums in your niche. Look for ones that have a large membership and are active. Spend time getting to know how they work and then start contributing on a regular basis. Join with the attitude you are going to contribute in a positive, helpful way. You will be banned if you simply try to push your website. Interact with the other members so you can learn from each other. You will become a respected member and people will be drawn to visit your site, which can be part of your signature.

Visit Blogs

This is similar to visiting forums. Look for the best two or three blogs in your niche and leave constructive comments relating to the subject. You would have researched your niche thoroughly, so you should have good insights and information to share. Don’t just visit to get your link in the comments, as the moderator will delete them. What you are trying to do is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, which will entice people to click your link to find out more. The blog owner may even invite you to become a guest blogger, which will further strengthen your credibility.

Write Articles

Submit articles to some leading directories such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Article Dashboard. There are many others you can use but it does take time doing it manually. You can use an article distribution service but this will cost you money. Make sure you read the rules of the directories but, generally speaking, if you submit articles of around 500 words, provide good information in good English and do not promote your website in the body of an article, your articles will be published.

All of these activities will help improve website traffic, but to be effective they should be done on a regular basis. In other words, be consistent. Set out the times you will visit forums and blogs. Similarly with your articles: get into the habit of writing them two or three times a week. Write, say, ten articles and start submitting them on a drip-feed basis. Then keep writing enough to replace the ones you have submitted. That way you will have some as a back up for those times you just cannot find time to write.

There are other ways of improving website traffic, such as starting a blog and posting videos, but I have looked at the ones that are relatively easy – and free.


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